Gabriel Garzón-Montano Takes Flight In ‘Golden Wings’

Gabriel Garzón-Montano has been supplying us with nothing but grooves with his uniquely soulful harmonies and eye-catching visuals. His latest single and music video for "Golden Wings" are no different.

Directed by Max Basch, the video opens up with Garzón-Montano taking the stage in what appears to be a fairly non-descript bingo hall. The audience appears confused but otherwise attentive and most definitely curious by the white-clad multi-instrumentalist. Filmed in California's Death Valley, the video alternates between shots of him working his magic on this peculiar crowd and wide, sweeping shots of him dancing alone in the desert.

He brings the song's message of finding the power within to life through the eyes of a lone audience member. As he sits, he seems stuck between being transfixed and fighting the urge to be free. He initially seems self-conscious about his lumbering and disheveled appearance as he looks at his dirt-stained hands. However, the pull of the music proves too strong and he eventually gives into the feeling, standing up and joining Garzón-Montano on stage. It is during this moment that he seems to come alive, smiling and laughing as he dances hand-in-hand with the man of the hour. Basch described the video's purpose as "both a testament to the power of music and its ability to uplift, as well as a venture into a world of gestural cues and magical realism."

The self-produced and entirely self-played song is the first release from the Brooklyn-based artist since 2017's Jardin. Next up for him is his July 11th performance at NYC's Central Park SummerStage Concert as part of the Latin American Music Conference Showcase. Take these freeing visuals for a spin and see if it doesn't leave you reflecting on the healing power of music.

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