Kamasi Washington Prepares For An Epic Battle In ‘Street Fighter Mas’

Our bodies are ready for Kamasi Washington's double LP Heaven and Earth, which is looking to be another solid collection of future-leaning jazz from one of the genre's most promising new stars. He's offered a bit of what we can expect from the set with songs like "The Space Traveler's Lullaby" and "Fists Of Fury." However, the funky theme that is "Street Fighter Mas" is perhaps our favorite of what we've heard thus far. Kamasi has been kind enough to grace us with an epic video to match the song's larger-than-life feel.

The video features Kamasi calling up his homies to join him on a quest, though it's uncertain what exactly the trip is at the video's start, especially since there is no spoken dialogue in the clip. Instead, we are given colorful and creative title cards that narrate the action going on. We soon discover that Kamasi's quest is to become the Street Fighter champion. His journey brings him to a mysterious location with signs telling him to take a seat and take a number as he waits to be called into battle. When he does finally get his chance, he brings his "A" game. But is it enough to beat the champ? We won't spoil that for you, of course, but we do think you'll find the end result quite interesting.

You know what else is interesting? That our wait for Heaven And Earth is almost over. The double-album is set to arrive this Friday, June 22nd. Because it's him, we already know that Kamasi Washington's latest will be a quality effort. You can pre-order 4-LP or 2-CD set here and check out "Street Fighter Mas" below.



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