When It Comes To Love, Samm Henshaw Wonders ‘How Does It Feel?’

It's hard to believe nearly two years have come and gone since Bounce-Worthy Londoner Samm Henshaw has blessed us with a project. But after months of teasing (read: sprinkling our social media feeds with black-and-white studio pics), our boy has finally come through with some new music and visuals.

The song, "How Does It Feel?," is all about the merits of love, but it's also the type of summertime jam our playlists are craving right about now. Henshaw's inescapable vocals – a mix of gospel grit and retro soul with a dash of R&B – playfully bounce over a sunny, old-school arrangement infused with hip-hop vibes. Directed by Taz Tron Delix, the whimsical video brings the song's lyrics to life as we see various scenes of not-so-true love played out for our amusement and our ponderment as well.

The artist explains the song's inspiration, saying, “We talk about love so much in society, but are we truly living it? Is love just something we use for Instagram memes? Is it something that when we are put in really difficult situations we would be able to show?” While you think on these things, bop along to "How Does It Feel?" and purchase your copy wherever good music is sold. Samm Henshaw has more good things in store, including his first U.S. show next week in NYC, so visit his website to stay in the know.

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