The Foreign Exchange Surprises With Sunny New Single ‘June’

It's only June, but the +FE crew has already made sure to keep fans flush in music with new albums from Phonte and Nicolay & The Hot At Nights. With all that output, you'd think that maybe we'd be waiting a little while before we got anything from The Foreign Exchange proper, right? Well, you thought wrong. Somehow they've found enough time while creating all that goodness to bring us a surprise new single appropriately named "June."

If you're familiar with their previous work (and if you're regular of this site, how are you not?), then "June" should already feel familiar. The band includes a lot of their hallmarks on the tracks. Bright, sunny synths and piano add the melody to the track as synth bass provides the foundation for this love jam dedicated to the happiness of finding the love of your life. Frontman Phonte kicks things off with a brief rap, kicking a little game while expressing that he's been shot by Cupid's arrow. He then quickly shifts from emcee to crooner as he lays out what love's done for him. "Girl, I just can't lie / I'm in paradise / You've been the one to bring / Change in my life," Tigallo sings of the transformative power that love has brought upon him, letting us know that now he knows what it's like to have a love that makes you want to sing.

Being that The Foreign Exchange dropped this track on us with little to no warning or fanfare, there's no word on if this is just a simple one-off track or the lead single to something more. Either way, though, we'll definitely be grooving to "June" all summer long. Check out +FE's latest right here.

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