The Internet Invites The ‘Tonight Show’ Audience To ‘Come Over’ To Their Place

There's something very inviting about The Internet's latest single, "Come Over." Perhaps it's the laid back Cali vibe, Syd's subtle vocal or even Steve Lacy's searing guitar solo. Whatever it is, the track makes us want to cuddle up with the one we want and listen to it on repeat. The group picked up on that "come over and chill" vibe in the song's video and they continued the aesthetic when they brought the song to the stage of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

With the stage set up to look like a living room, the quintet provided the audience with a live take on the song that differed slightly from the single version to which we're accustomed. The arrangement they employed feels a lot more intimate, with only the drums seemingly more prominent. The light touches on guitar and synth strings also led to a more subdued performance from Syd, who delivers the lyrics to sound more like pillow talk (which is fitting, as she's wearing what looks to be a pajama top to finish off her onstage look for the performance). It definitely made us want to snuggle up with the band on that comfy looking couch.

"Come Over," of course, will be included on the band's upcoming album Hive Mindwhich is set to release on July 20th. Check out The Internet doing their thing on The Tonight Show stage below.

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