Keith Robinson Expresses His Regrets On ‘Never Be You’

Most people think of Keith Robinson as an actor that can sing. But they might be surprised to discover that his passion for music came long before he got bitten by the acting bug. Several years later, the talented triple-threat is working hard to make sure he doesn't become an R&B has-been like his Saints & Sinners alter ego Miles Calloway.

In a savvy marketing move, Mr. Robinson wisely uses the release of his latest video "Never Be You" as continued promotion of his 2017 album Love Episodic, as well as a teaser for his forthcoming mixtape Trapsodic Love. According to the singer, the song is based on personal experience "and the self-realization that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” Additionally, the video serves as a preview of his upcoming 12-minute short film, The Greener Grass Experiment (originally titled, The Greener Grass Effect). Sounds like there's gonna be some popcorn-worthy drama ahead, with a soulful soundtrack to boot.

Scroll down to check out Keith's directorial debut on "Never Be You." Get your copy of Love Episodic and be sure to follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram for updates on his many projects.



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