Lenny Kravitz Loves To The Beat Of His Own Drum In ‘Low’

Soulful rocker Lenny Kravitz's Raise Vibration is nearing its release date, making us all anticipate how he's going to wow us this go around. Ahead of the album's release, he's given us an inkling of what to expect with singles "It's Enough" and "Low." He also offered a visual for "It's Enough," featuring protest footage that matches the song's more conscious message. When it comes to the video for "Low," however, he returns to his trademark cool and sex appeal.

The clip features Lenny in a way unfamiliar to most. We've mostly seen him wailing on a guitar during performances, but here he takes a seat behind the drum kit and starts banging out the song's rhythm while singing the track. Oh, and did we mention he's soaking wet while doing it? There's no real explanation as to why these choices were made for the Jean Baptiste Mondino-directed video, though we must admit it's definitely a look that kept us interested throughout the clip despite that being the gist of what's offered here. Yes, glimpses of a similarly attired woman also on the drums do show up eventually, but for the most part, this is the Lenny show. He drums his heart out for the video's nearly 5-minute runtime, showing the love and commitment to craft we've come to cherish from him in his more than 30-year career.

The simple visual does its job in both translating the feel of the song to the screen and stoking our excitement about Raise Vibration to new levels. Check out "Low" right here and look for Lenny Kravitz' latest to arrive on September 7th.

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