SoulBounce Exclusive: NUEX Releases A Gripping Video For ‘Eyes’

Washington, DC-based electro-pop duo NUEX has consistently made a name for themselves and built a following since arriving on the scene in 2014. The group, consisting of singer-songwriter Camille Michelle Gray and drummer/producer Teddy Aitkins, recently thrilled fans with the release of their five-song EP Affectius, and the set's moody lead single "Eyes." After offering a unique audio experience, the duo is now giving us a visual thrill with the emotional and stunning video for the single "Eyes," which makes its world premiere on SoulBounce.

The clip tells the story of a black teen struggling with his dysfunctional home life. He seems to be constantly navigating an atmosphere fraught with arguments between his parents — with hints that his father might even be abusive. He, however, doesn't seem to have the capability or outlet to express his emotions in a healthy manner. But, as the video progresses, he finds shelter in a warehouse where he seems to come face to face with his older self. He lets out a primal scream as his older self dances out his frustrations and fears, providing at least some kind of healing for him, though the video is open-ended as to how much.

The gripping video takes a narrative that's not often expressed, especially in the medium of music videos, and approaches it in a way that is artful and mesmerizing to watch. And when the teen protagonist is finally able to release his building rage, it's a moment that is felt viscerally by the audience watching.

Capturing that feeling was a goal of the video's director, Abraham Vilchez-Moran. "I wanted to make the video moody as hell," he said. "That is the type of state 'Eyes' puts you in; you're not really sure if you are in the light or in the shadows, so we played with that visually." He also spoke on the relationship between the teenager and his vision of his older self. "With just him and his own mind, he is free to let the darkness pass through him in the form of what he believes to be his older self. The choreography is representative of the inner turmoil."

The group, who doesn't appear in the video, also explained the video and its relation to the song. "It took on new life, which is a level of collaboration I’m not used to. What I enjoy the most is the narrative of the older or higher self looking down on you in situations that you feel lost in or that upset you. 'Eyes' is then not just about persons watching persons, but about a greater being or force that is also watching and guiding.”

You can check out the clip for "Eyes" below. Affectus is available for purchase now via Bandcamp.

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