SoulBounce Exclusive: Sheridan Reed Is Yearning For Love On ‘We Should Both Be Here’

Singer-songwriter Sheridan Reed has love on the brain in his new single "We Should Both Be Here." The Cali-bred, Austin-based talent reminisces about an old flame that still flickers on the track, but circumstance and distance have kept the two apart. However, Sheridan would love nothing more than to get that old thing back.

"We Should Both Be Here" is fueled by nostalgia and passion. "It's driving me mad, can't you see / I'll deal with it gladly / I'll be thinking bout you / Thinking bout me / Thinking we should, we should both be here," Reed sings on the pre-chorus and chorus. You feel his yearning throughout the song, which even catches him by surprise. "Didn't think that I'd be the one to be sentimental," he states at the beginning of the second verse, making it clear that these feelings have thrown him for a loop. Her love – or, better yet, the lack of it – has Sheridan swooning and crooning. Producer Moses Elias lays a sonic foundation of guitar, drums and well-placed saxophone that complements Reed's vocal and lyrical vibes.

"My new single 'We Should Both Be Here' is a summer nostalgic reminder of that person that makes life better when they’re around. I tried to make this song feel how she made me, happy for our time together but aching for more," Sheridan tells us about his real-life inspiration for the song. We're glad that he was able to channel his feelings into this charming and relatable tune.

Press play to enjoy SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "We Should Both Be Here." The track is the first listen from Sheridan Reed's next album, and it precedes several summer tour dates. Stay in the loop with Reed on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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