SoulBounce Exclusive: Stephcynie Is Living Her Best Life After ‘Losing You’

Often the hardest decision you have to make is choosing yourself above everything and everyone else. It's not selfish, it's necessary. Singer-songwriter Stephcynie brings that sentiment to life in her new single "Losing You," which we're debuting in a SoulBounce world premiere. It's her second new song this summer, following the release of the single "Friends" last month. Whereas that song found her expressing her love to a friend and wanting to take their relationship to another level, "Losing You" sees Stephcynie loving up on herself after making the decision to kick a relationship to the curb.

Stephcynie sings directly to her ex on "Losing You," declaring on the pre-chorus and chorus, "You always told me stay close to the truth / No matter what you lose / Since you always push your point of view / I had to choose / Loving me and losing you." She lets him know that she's actually doing good by herself. "Man, I'm finally doing me now / Holding my head up like a queen now / Life's so much better when you're open / And you're the one you put your hope in," she sings on the second verse, making it clear that she ain't worried about him and is living her best life. Stephcynie legitimately sounds happy and free on the upbeat electro-soul track.

"Sometimes you will have to walk away from a person or a situation that you may love and even depend on," Stephcynie tells us about the empowering anthem. "In the end, you know that you won't be the best version of yourself if you don't walk away. My hope is that people will be encouraged to never let a person or situation hold them back from what they believe they were designed to do."

"Losing You" is co-written by Stephcynie, Renn Anderson and Zachariah Witcher and produced by Joshua D. Niles. Enjoy our exclusive first listen below before the song hits digital retailers and streaming services tomorrow. If this is your introduction to Stephcynie, then be sure to catch up on what you've been missing on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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