Tone Stith & 2 Chainz Give Us A ‘Light Flex’ From The ‘Uncle Drew’ Soundtrack

After giving us his debut album last year, Tone Stith has been keeping our ears ringing with his original takes on a number of hits, including covers of Kehlani’s “Honey,” H.E.R’s “Focus” and Beyoncé’s “Dangerously In Love.” Now he’s showing off more of his own original material with a little assist from rapper 2 Chainz on the track "Light Flex" from the extremely good Uncle Drew soundtrack.

As you might have guessed from the title, “Light Flex” is a not-so-humble brag about having the sauce. He’s in the club flicking his wrist and getting everyone’s attention, but he’s not pressed. While Tone gives us an original song, “Light Flex” is built on the sound bed of En Vogue’s 1990 hit “Lies.” However, Tone does switch things up a bit, going heavy on the boom bap drums and adding a few more elements to keep things interesting. For his verse, 2 Chainz keeps things light and fun with a few basketball metaphors in his lyrics.

To show off his slight work and tie into the movie, the video for "Light Flex" takes place on a basketball court. The clip opens with Tone walking up to an old school boom box and pressing, and then him and his boys showing off their moves on the court. However, their triple doubles and 8-counts aren’t what we’d consider a light flex. If anything, Tone is letting us know he’s light on his feet. While we were waiting for our boy to do the shoot dance, we’ll settle for his Globetrotter-worthy moves on the court that also take our minds off of 2 Chainz's absence in the clip.

“Light Flex” is another surprising jam from the Uncle Drew soundtrack, which is filled with them. An unofficial soundtrack for summer functions, we’ve kept a number of songs from the project on repeat. Hit play and let us know if “Light Flex” should be added to the rotation.

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