Ciara Is Good To Go & Ready To ‘Freak’

Is it safe to say Ciara's back? The singer scored an unexpected hit with her recently released single "Level Up," inspiring a viral challenge and even staging a reunion of sorts between her, Missy Elliott and Fatman Scoop on the poppin' remix. Now that she's gotten a taste of being back in the limelight and on the Hot 100, CiCi is pressing her luck and delivering another single from what could be an as-yet-untitled album with her latest joint "Freak Me."

The "Promise" singer goes tropical for her new joint. She incorporates a breezy island-tinged rhythm that has an air of sex appeal in the mix. Spicing it up are drums straight outta the dancehall that pop up during the chorus with the sole intention of making you wine like you're on a dance floor in Kingston. Ci keeps that same energy with breathy verses about the freaky things she'd like to do and how well she can do it. Then she makes a promise on the chorus that we're pretty sure she can keep, singing, "I'll be the freak / Be the freak / Be the freak / Be the freak that you need." Meanwhile, Nigerian artist Tekno delivers an equally freaky guest spot that praises Ciara's winding prowess that fits along with the song's dancehall proclivities. This one definitely has the potential to heat up what's left of summer.

Will Ciara's "Freak Me" turn you on? There's only one way to find out. Take a listen to her latest right here and watch CiCi do what she does best in a brief clip of her dancing to the track below.

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