SoulBounce Exclusive: Sidibe Is Free As A Bird In ‘What Should One Do’

It's been a few months since we've heard from Sidibe when she released the single "What Should One Do" back in May. The sweet kiss-off was right on time for anyone who needed a nudge to kick a going-nowhere relationship to the curb right before summer. While Sidibe was enjoying the season's warm weather and her freedom, she decided to film a music video for the song and she's presenting it to everyone is a SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

Directed by Nelly Zagury and produced by Sidibe herself, the "What Should One Do" visual is as sexy, light and lush as the song itself. Our leading lady is the center of attention as she fronts her band and sways to the music in a room decorated in vibrant hues. The Afro-Latin elements of the track are also translated into the clip's semi-tropical setting. In one scene, we see Sidibe surrounded by flowers and plants and joined by an exotic bird perched on her shoulder. She gives her feathery friend a rolled-up note that simply reads "What Should One Do?" and sends the cockatoo on its way. We later see the bird deliver the message to the object of Sidibe's one-time affection, and he realizes that it's a wrap.

While conceptualizing the music video, Sidibe and Zagury were inspired by divine feminine energy and a classic film. "Black Orpheus was also an inspiration. The video incorporates elements of surrealism and magic just as Black Orpheus does," she shared with us before revealing more about its symbolism. "Magical items hinting at mysticism decorate my love goddess temple and there’s a cockatoo that delivers a letter to my disappointed lover. Not only is the cockatoo my magic muse, he represents my liberation as well."

Get lost in Sidibe's world in the gorgeous music video for "What Should One Do" right here and stay tuned for more from her in the coming weeks and months. She gave us the scoop that one of her new songs was selected for Sanaa Lathan's forthcoming film Nappily Ever After, which premieres on Netflix in September. We were already looking forward to the movie, but now we're really excited for Sidibe's inclusion on the soundtrack and witnessing more of her glow up.

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