Sunni Colón Is Unbothered On ‘Baby I Don’t Mind’

Fresh from his Parisian sabbatical, Sunni Colón returns with a laid-back single entitled “Baby I Don’t Mind.” The Los Angeles native serves smooth and relaxed vocals as he sings a tale of understanding and acceptance in love over a soulful track laden with a groovy bass line. His tone is soft and sultry as he lovingly sings to his lady, “Baby, I don’t mind / The way you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind / Baby, I don’t mind / The way you're quick to know when s**t gets out of line / Baby, I don’t mind / When you don’t come around ‘cause you’ve been on your grind / And now baby, baby I don’t mind / ’Cause you don’t owe me nothin’, not even your time.” She may have her moments when she's not at her or treating him the best, but Sunni isn't going anywhere; he's there to stay.

Though his previous offerings "Summer Blu" and "Yours TRULY, 2095" quenched our thirst for more material from the singer/producer/director/installation artist, "Baby I Don't Mind" is the lead single from his much-anticipated, forthcoming album Satin Psicodelic. He describes the project as, “two plus years of creating a myriad of ideas, living in multiple cities, experiencing heartbreak, coming to terms with trauma and reclaiming myself.” Sunni likens the track to the “unspoken favorite/golden child of the house,” and says it stemmed from its infectious chords and recurring thoughts of all the things he doesn’t mind when dealing with himself, lovers or even strangers. He says, “Life is too short to be vexed, just don’t be a bad person.” This simple philosophy is certainly applicable in life and love and is reflected in the track’s unbothered lyrics and chill vibe.

Take it easy and let Sunni Colón ’s “Baby I Don’t Mind” help you relax, relate and release. His second album Satin Psicodelic is set to be released on Wednesday, August 22nd, but according to him, fans can look forward to more projects and releases this year. The multi-talented creative says he’s just getting started and we are absolutely here for it. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all of his artistry.

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