The APX Take Us To ‘Jupiter’

Perfectly blending funk, soul and love, the super cute husband/wife duo The APX are back with a new groove we can get into. Their latest track "Jupiter" gives us all the cosmic vibes, as the duo take us out of this world and into funk town where we get all the keytar and synths our hearts desire. The single released back in July now has a video treatment that's just as colorful as its instrumentals as we watch Dee Rhodes and Erika Rhodes explore Jupiter and their own style to the four-minute experience.

"Soon as I walk in the room / Want you to do me 'til I can't get up / My heart skips to the moon / Want you to love me love love me, babe," sings Erika. The lyrics drip with sex and the beat oozes funk as The APX inspire you to stay on the dance floor. It's disco meets funk in a beautiful marriage with rhythm and soul. You can't deny the Parliament-Funkadelic elements, and they're even more evident in the video, which includes space ships, robots, colorful clothes and funky animation.  We watch The APX navigate space while jamming and giving us '80s-inspired looks.

"We embarked on making this music video out of the ordinary using space visuals to match the galactic synths of the track," Dee stated in a press release. "We're just two indie lovebirds residing in Atlanta with a dream of traveling the world to save it from the soul-less music." The Bounce-Worthy duo have taken copious notes from earlier married funk duos like Yarbrough and Peoples and Ashford and Simpson, and they're making it work for them. Watch The APX keep hope and funk alive in the video for "Jupiter" below and purchase the song on your favorite digital retailer now.

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