Traci Braxton Is Looking For A ‘Lifeline’

Toni Braxton might've dropped her much-anticipated comeback earlier this year, but she's not the only Braxton stepping out with something new in 2018. Little sister Traci Braxton is readying her sophomore set On Earth, the follow up to her 2014 debut Crash & Burn. The "Last Call" singer is hoping to build on that set's success this go around, so she's changing things up just a bit with the set's lead single, "Lifeline."

Producer David "Davey Boy" Lindsey takes reigns on the production front, providing Traci with a mix of sputtering mechanical percussion, delicate piano and synths. The backdrop underscores Traci singing about her knight in shining armor that gives her love and security. Because of his love, she's certain that she'll never have to endure any adversity because he's there to take care of her. Vocally, Traci shows off that Braxton ability, with the songstress at times reminding listeners of her sisters, though she does bring her own unique flavor to the proceedings as well – especially with her lower, breathier tone.

"Lifeline" is just a taste of what Traci will be offering with On Earth. She dropped buzz single "Broken Things," which featured vocal assists from big sis Toni and sisters Towanda Braxton and Trina Braxton. We can't wait to hear more, but we're also gonna need that release date, sis. Until Miss Traci comes up off of that, we'll be over here listening to "Lifeline." Press play below and join us in our Traci Braxton listening session.

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