Tristan Wilds Invites Us Over For ‘Dinner For Two’ In Made-For-TV One Movie

Long before we knew him as Mack Wilds the crooner, Tristan Wilds was bringing the drama on television with his acting roles on shows like HBO's The Wire. He returns to those roots with his latest role in TV One's upcoming original film, Dinner for Two, which is set to premiere next month.

In the film, Wilds stars as "Chris," a young man who is trying to woo his former flame "Angela," portrayed by actress Chaley Rose, back by arranging one final dinner. However, his battle with alcoholism, which seems to have played into the demise of the couple's relationship, remains an obstacle that threatens to keep them apart. As the two sit down over Angela's favorite meal, they revisit their relationship through the good times and bad in an attempt to bring closure to them both. Through several flashbacks, we get a glimpse of other issues between the two like infidelity and trust issues as they grapple with what got them to this impasse in the first place.

Based on the trailer, alcohol continues to play an integral role in Chris and Angela's relationship, right down to the last supper as we see him downing multiple glasses of wine in an attempt to drown out the pain brought on by heartbreak. While his intentions appear sincere, his inner demons threaten to ruin even this final moment between the two with Chris contemplating ending it all if he can't have Angela back in his life. Will she take him back and help him work through his issues or will he have to go it alone? We'll have to tune in when the movie debuts September 2nd at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. In the meantime, check out the trailer and several clips from the upcoming film below.

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