GoldLink & Miguel Go All ‘Lost Boys’ In ‘Got Friends’

At What Cost dropped near the top of last year, but that hasn't stopped our boy GoldLink from continuously dropping jams ever since. This summer, he linked up with Miguel for catchy and cool single "Got Friends" and gave us something we could ride out to for the summer. Now that summer's over and Halloween draws nearer, the two team once again for the song's video, which should get us in the spirit of the coming holiday.

The video really amounts to more of a short film with the single as its soundtrack. We're taken into a small diner on a pretty busy night as three buxom beauties (one of which is vixen Bria Myles) come in for some late night eats. Of course ladies that fine don't go unnoticed, so Miguel leaves his perch at the counter with his two homies to scope them out. The innocent enough gesture is ignored by the ladies, who talk their Debbie Downer friend into turning up for the night, stepping over a flyer of missing people (wait, was that Miguel, GoldLink and the dudes at the counter?) as they head to their car. That's where things get a little weird. After arriving at their destination, one of the friends is quickly scooped up in the air and dropped with a thud on the ground. Crouched over her, fangs bared, is one of the guys from the diner. Yep, they're vampires and Miguel looks to be the head vamp. Anybody else getting Lost Boys vibes?

The thriller of a video, directed by Christian Sutton, isn't what we expected, to say the least. That being said, it's quite entertaining. Get a scare when you peep the clip below.

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