India.Arie’s Back With ‘That Magic’ We Know & Love

It hasn't been that long since we've gotten new material from GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter India.Arie. She blessed us with her eight-song EP Songversation: Medicine, which featured the Black Lives Matter-inspired single "Breathe," just last summer. However, we always welcome new material from the soulful songbird and she's bringing us newness in the form of her new single "That Magic."

"That Magic" is India at her best, with her reminiscing over one of her favorite topics: love. This time around it's all about a guy that has just the magic touch that she needs. The surprisingly guitar-free midtempo groove utilizes simple percussion rhythms and soft keys to aid in the picture of love that India paints with a happy breathlessness. "He's got that magic / The way he touches me / So spiritual / He's so everything / He's a miracle," she sings of her dream lover on the song's chorus. Meanwhile, she uses the verses to count the many ways that he loves her. This man is apparently a certified blessing, with a sense of humor, charm and a magic touch that bears mentioning repeatedly throughout the song's nearly five-minute runtime. If we didn't know any better, we'd say that India might just be a tad smitten.

"That Magic" is the first listen from her upcoming album Worthy. Though details on the long-promised project are still scarce, we're sure that the unique blend of uplifting messages and romantic overtures that have become India.Arie's calling card throughout the years will be front and center. Get your first listen of "That Magic" below.

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