Snoh Aalegra Plays The ‘Fool’ For ‘COLORS’

If you haven't noticed, we fell hopelessly in love with Snoh Aalegra and her debut album FEELS. Each song on the set evokes a certain emotion and sounds simply sublime. However, for us, the biggest standout is the gorgeous ballad "Fool For You," which finds the singer falling head over heels in love in the most unexpected way. Of course, any time she performs the song we'll stop and listen, so you know when she brought the track to COLORS, we immediately stopped to watch.

Against a blush-colored background, which complements her outfit perfectly, Snoh sings the romantic track with all the dreaminess found in the album version. Of course, she offers some changes here and there — singing a few phrases differently or putting a run or ad-lib in different places. But ultimately, it's all about the song's beauty and ability to lull us into the experience as we recall the last time love made us feel this way.

The singer has been heavily promoting FEELS as of late, dropping a double video for "Sometimes/Worse" and a new version of "Out Of Your Way" featuring Luke James. With all this new buzz around the project, we wonder if a special edition could be in the works. Speculation aside, we simply enjoy listening to Snoh Aalegra whenever she sings and you will to when you check out her COLORS performance.

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