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Common Teams With Michelle Obama To Help Get Out The Midterm Vote

As the current administration does its damndest to trample over rights and civil liberties on the daily, it's more obvious than ever how important it is to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. To help get out the urgent message, Common is teaming with former first lady Michelle Obama and the When We All Vote initiative to encourage Black people to take to the polls on November 6th. "Did you know that less than 60 percent of eligible African-American citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election?" he asks in a YouTube video for the campaign. "This undermines our power as a people. So I am teaming up with Mrs. Obama and the When We All Vote team. We are working to make sure that every eligible African-American is registered and votes on Nov. 6." With important issues such as immigration and women's reproductive rights at stake, its more imperative than ever that every person who can votes. #GetOutTheVote #YourVoteCounts

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