Pour It Up With Brian McKnight In ’42 (Grown Up Tipsy)’

Earlier this month Brian McKnight dropped his latest single "42 (Grown Up Tipsy)." Despite the song's title, which could be mistaken for an adult contemporary turn-up jam to get all the aunties and uncles on the dance floor, the track actually finds Brian once again strolling down lover's lane. This time he has a drink in hand, though. "42 (Grown Up Tipsy)" is a sexy ode to getting "nice" off that Don Julio 1942 with your loved one. Produced by Tim Kelley of production duo Tim & Bob fame and co-written by the elder McKnight with his son Brian McKnight, Jr., the crooner pours it up and pours it on thick with lyrics like, "Now I need what's under that dress / Girl you got me ravin', I'm not scared to confess."

Brian also keeps it a family affair for the music video. It's directed by his son Niko McKnight and stars his wife Leilani McKnight as his leading lady. If you follow Mr. McKnight on social media, then you already know how in love/lust he is with his wife, so it should come as no surprise that the object of his desire in song plays the same role in the visual. Filmed on location at Brian and Leilani's gorgeous home in the hills of Southern California, we see him cracking open a bottle of the luxury tequila and enjoying the adult beverage while poolside with his love. When he's not chilling with bae, Brian can be seen at the grand piano or lounging in other rooms of his mansion. There are lots of shots of Don Julio 1942 throughout the video, but the product placement is to be expected since it serves as the inspiration for the tune.

"42 (Grown Up Tipsy)" is the first bit of new music from Brian McKnight this year and is rumored to be from his forthcoming 14th album. There is no more information about that project yet, but this single is something tasty to sip on until more details are revealed.

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