Mac Ayres Tells A Story Of Summer Love In ‘Get To You Again’

Though summer officially ended just over a month ago, it seems like it's been ages since those warm, sunny days. Good thing we've got folks like "Stay" singer Mac Ayres, who reminds us of those sun-drenched times in the video for Something To Feel track "Get To You Again."

The song, about longing for something you once had, is a perfect analogy to how us summer lovers feel about the best season of the year. He illustrates this feeling by showing us two lovers enthralled in the bliss of a summer fling. Their love is one for the ages, with stolen moments in swimming pools and beachside while gazing into sunsets and each other's eyes. But if you watch closely, you'll realize that the scenes are just memories each is having of their time together triggered by the little things that remind of what they once had. Mac himself only appears via a poster in the clip, but the melancholy he imbues into the song with the ache and soul of his vocal is all the presence he really needs.

If you're missing summer like we are — and especially a summer love — then this one, friends, is for you. Watch Mac Ayres' bittersweet tale of love in "Get To You Again" below. Also be sure to pick up his debut Something To Feel, which is available for purchase at your favorite digital retailer.