Madison McFerrin Enchants & Entices In ‘Insane’

As she wraps up the last of her U.S. dates before continuing on to “spread mad love” across the pond, a cappella enchantress Madison McFerrin shares the visual for her single "Insane." The track, which dropped back in February, tells the tale of a woman whose desire for her lover has completely runneth over. Her tone oozes with passion as she sings of past rendezvous and yearns for her lover satisfy her cravings once more. While she makes the type of attention she needs very clear, Madison seductively straddles the line between romance and risqué.

For the accompanying video, she summons some additional feminine energy to create a sensual but classy interpretation of the sexy single. Led by director Jasia Kaulback and director of photography Leyna Rowan, a team of dynamic creatives drew inspiration from legendary artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Alpha Channeling and Michele Bisallion, as well as the simple and subtle beauty of recent VOGUE magazine covers featuring Beyoncé and Rihanna. Though starring in the video was not part of the original plan, Madison’s natural beauty was the perfect complement to the tasteful yet provocatively-placed flowers and mirrored reflections. Despite the artistic brilliance and beauty of the capture, all eyes are on her as she gazes longingly and sometimes playfully into the camera singing the lustful lyrics. Though both the song and video may serve as a prelude to some much-needed adult-time, the goal was not to create an oversexualized video. She says, “Sex is beautiful, it’s sensual, and as a woman, it’s a totally normal thing to want and fantasize about, and it can all be done really tastefully.”

Spend some quiet time watching Madison McFerrin's visual for “Insane,” and you just might find yourself making a beeline to the one you fantasize about. Add the track to your sexy time playlist and be sure to check out the latest installment of her a cappella soul EP series, Finding Foundations: Vol. II.


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