Rahsaan Patterson’s Love Life Gets Turned Upside Down In ‘Silly (LoveFool)’

Typically, when a song's about heartache or any kind of emotional anguish, it tends to be set to a slow-paced, brooding groove. That method, while usually cathartic, is a bit predictable. Plus, sometimes it's just better to dance your cares and pain away. Rahsaan Patterson gets that on his latest new jam "Silly (LoveFool)."

"Silly (LoveFool)" is laced with a stomper of a groove, with the 808 bass hitting heavy from jump. It's soon joined by wavy synth chords and louder synth stabs as it establishes what's to come. Rahsaan's lower register cuts through it all as he begins the tale of love found and lost. Love at first sight in a parking lot evolves into what seemed to be something lasting and reliable. Though Rahsaan was all in, it seems that the other party wasn't down to stick around, leaving Rah feeling quite silly in the aftermath. It's a sentiment that many can relate to, especially now that the heat from those summer flings is starting to cool like the temperature outdoors.

"Silly (LoveFool)" joins recent single "Wonderful Star," marking the first batch of newness we've gotten from the singer in quite a while. We're really hoping that this means a new, full-length Rahsaan Patterson joint is on its way to our ears sooner rather than later. We'll do some digging around on our end to see what we can find on that front. In the meantime, get into Rah's latest below.

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