SoulBounce Exclusive: Geron Is Unbothered By What People Say On ‘TBH’

Talk has become a big business nowadays with everyone seemingly in each other's business. Now so more than ever, from the internet to cable news to podcasts to radio shows, someone is always talking about something or somebody. It happens 24/7, but you can escape the incessant chatter by focusing on other things, such as yourself and doing you regardless of what anyone says. That's the underlying premise behind newcomer Geron's fiery single "TBH."

You see, Geron isn't here for any BS and makes it crystal clear on "TBH." She uses the acronym for the phrase "to be honest" in the song title but keeps it straightforward throughout the song. "I don't care what nobody say, to be honest," she sings on the chorus in the midst of telling haters, fake friends, spotlight chasers and everyone of that ilk to fall back and find somebody else's business to mind. She continues to let folks know that she ain't the one, singing, "I don't really like to talk that talk, but you been coming for me / But I ain't mad, I'm just telling you that and everyone that ask." Much like Queen Latifah, the singer born Briana Johnson has had it up to here, but she chooses to rise above it all.

"People are always going to have something to say about you," the wise 20-something shared with us via email. "You can either live by everyone else standards or create your own," she goes on to say, which speaks to her resolve and independence.

"TBH" is the lead single from Tainted, her forthcoming EP. Tainted marks Geron's debut project, and the single is a fine introduction to those unfamiliar with her artistry. Press play to listen to SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "TBH," and stay tuned for more straight, no chaser music from this rising talent. Follow Geron on her journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her official website.

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