dvsn Sets The ‘Mood’ At NPR Music’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’

Photo Credit: Cameron Pollack/NPR

NPR Music transformed their office space into an intimate concert hall when OVO duo dvsn rolled into town. Surrounded by candles and bathed in blue, purple and orange lights, Bob Boilen's desk was almost unrecognizable when frontman Daniel Daley started to perform this Tiny Desk Concert. Backed by a four-piece band and three background singers, Daley held down the fort while bandmate and producer Nineteen85 hung back in the audience playing maestro. Dressed in all black, the group performed tracks "Too Deep," "Body Smile" and "Mood" to a packed house.

Throughout the performance, the group was in its element, swaying in unison as Daley reeled the audience in with his signature falsetto and glistening bottom grill. After warming up the space with their early hit "Too Deep," you felt connected to Daley even with his shades on. To keep the intimate party going, dvsn performed tracks from their sophomore album Morning After. "Body Smile" gave us cool vibes with its primarily blue lighting, with Daley taking his time to belt out the track.

Once we got to the orange-lit track "Mood," it was exactly what dvsn and the band set the minute they played the first chord. The performance was filled with sweet harmonies and also involved the audience singing along when instructed. Daley and the background singers sauntered away from the tiny desk at the end of the track and left the band to play into our hearts and souls to wrap up the set.

The Toronto-based duo has released two albums so far — 2016's Sept. 5th and 2017's Morning After. While we're waiting on any hint of new music, dvsn is continuing to deliver video content with their work on their docuseries Since October. Speaking of videos, catch a vibe from the sounds, the candles, the lighting and the band's undeniable chemistry in dvsn's Tiny Desk Concert when you press play.

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