Kandi Takes Us To The Dungeon In ‘Ready For This’

Halloween may have come and gone, but Kandi wants to remind us the she ain't never scared when it comes to grown woman things. She tempted and teased with the release of her single "Ready For This" last month. Now it's time for the main event with the track's risqué video.

Things start off a little weird as Kandi and real-life hubby Todd Tucker try their hand at acting. Kandi does her best Stepford wife impression while Todd acts just as confused as we are. The whole thing is just a conceit to get us to the video within the video. In that, we see Kandi and Todd walking into a kinky after hours spot called The Dungeon. The venue is littered with ATL "celebs," including Momma Dee and Deelishis, who are all there to get their kink on. It's a perfect place for Kandi to let her freak flag fly while rocking seductive 'fits to tantalize her man. Things remain pretty tame (this is a music video meant for mass consumption after all), but from her suggestive grinding and touching (not to mention the lustful looks she's giving the camera), we think it's safe to say that Kandi is, indeed, freaky freaky when it comes to her nasty grind.

Though the song was meant to originally serve as the intro to her "Welcome To The Dungeon" event from October, it seems as if it might be featured on a larger project. That remains to be seen, though. In the meantime, watch Kandi Burruss get 50 shades of kinky in "Ready For This" below.

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