Noelle Scaggs Delivers A ‘Great’ Solo Effort

Photo Credit: Catie Laffoon

Noelle Scaggs has proven to be quite the vocal chameleon over the years. In the decade that has passed since she first blew us away as the jazzy lead vocalist for Bounce-Worthy ensemble, The Rebirth, she's put her multifaceted talent on display with a diverse résumé of collaborations. The singer/songwriter has worked with everyone from Damian Marley to Dilated Peoples to The Decoders, and she is currently best known for her chart-topping success as co-lead singer of the alt-pop group Fitz and The Tantrums. She never lost her desire to release solo music, however; and with the recent premiere of her new single, "Great For You," we get to see her vision become reality.

Teaming up with Los Angeles-based trio BRÅVES, Noelle goes big for her official debut. There's a cinematic quality to the heart-wrenching torch song – a textured composition built upon the remaining threads of a worn-down relationship. We're not sure of the events that led up to it, but the despair is palpable as Noelle pleads for answers, "Has anybody felt my pain? How did you learn to walk way?" In addition to beefing up the layered chorus, BRÅVES provides the perfect counterpoint with an aching falsetto verse that gives dramatic contrast to Noelle's rich, powerful tones. Even if your relationship is sunshine and rainbows, it's hard not to lose yourself in this emotional tune.

While this technically isn't the first time that Ms. Scaggs has stepped out on her own, "Great For You" still holds special significance. She reveals that she is making music for herself and the song is "...the first of what I hope to be many releases of this nature, my creative vision, my personal stories, and my voice it its purity." Listen to the track below, then scroll down to watch its artistic short film. Afterwards, Noelle's website, purchase the song and keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram. By the way, FATT fans needn't worry, she is still very much an active member of the group.

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