Pamela Long Is Back To Bring Us Sunshine, Good Vibes & ‘Ghetto Love’

Total's Pamela Long teased us with a possible solo run when she dropped the admittedly bumpin' single "You Said" a couple years back. Then the singer got caught up reuniting with her bandmates for a run of shows and appearances, and we were left wondering if she'd ever bless us with solo material once again. Well, the answer is yes as she's dropped the new single and video "Ghetto Love."

With a song title like "Ghetto Love," you'd think that the track would possibly be a hip-hop/R&B hybrid with trunk-shaking beats and soulful melodies. You'd also be wrong. Instead, she leans into the more international sound that many stars are embracing. The track features elements of modern Afrobeat along with touches of Caribbean rhythms thrown in for good measure. She uses the entrancing rhythms to sing about the unique, soul-warming, hard-fought kinda love that can only be found in the 'hood. She also showcases what she means by taking the video to the people as she parties and dances among blacktops and chain-link fences with a host of happy souls joining in the fun and celebrating life in the process. It's a love letter to the 'hood, flipping the image we're used to seeing when we think of "the ghetto" and showing just how vibrant and full of joy it can all be.

Just as with "You Said," there isn't word on if this signifies that a Pamela Long solo album is on the way anytime soon. If one is coming, though, "Ghetto Love" is definitely a good start. Check out clip Pam's latest single below.

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