Pete Belasco Reemerges Feeling ‘Strong And Able’

After a six-year hiatus, Pete Belasco reappears with sounds so sweet fans immediately forgot about the agonizing wait. His latest single “Strong And Able” marks his first release since his 2012 album Lights On and gives us everything we love about him, from the delicate track to his quietly passionate vocals. Often compared to the likes of the legendary Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, his smooth and seemingly effortless delivery gives us vintage vibes with contemporary appeal. This latest release feels like the warm, cleansing exhale we all needed.

After previously noting that the one thing outside of music that gets him excited and fulfilled is hanging out with his kids, we totally get why he stepped out of the limelight to savor these precious times. The aptly titled “Strong And Able” likely refers to the reinvigoration one feels after retreating and then revisiting their craft with new vision and inspiration. Or, perhaps his disappearing acts are all a part of the “master plan” he mentioned previously, following the success of his 2004 album Deeper. “I decided to go deep underground for 7 years to create an unprecedented buzz as to my whereabouts,” he said. “When the demand reached a fever pitch, and people couldn't take it a second longer, I would emerge from the shadows with an amazing new album, and the world could finally rest a little easier. So far, it's all going according to plan.” It seems we’ve fallen for his crafty strategy once again, as we couldn’t be happier to hear from him and are excited for more.

Mellow all the way out, give Pete Belasco’s “Strong And Able” a spin below and be sure to add it to your “cool relax” playlist from your favorite digital platform. Though social media inquiries from fans as to whether this latest release is a prelude to full project went unanswered, jazz insiders note it as the title track to his upcoming album. Regardless, we wait with bated breath hoping to soon add to our collection of gems from our favorite phantom balladeer.

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