Phony Ppl Take Things To Dizzying Heights In ‘Way Too Far’

Phony Ppl came back to us in a big way with their latest release mō'zā-ik. While many of the tracks on the album, including the fun number "Before You Get A Boyfriend," are considerable jams, it's album opener "Way Too Far" that seems to linger most. The ballad captures the feeling of losing yourself in trying to please someone else. To capture the lofty, floating feeling of the song, the quintet takes to the sky — or, rather, a skyscraper — to show the heights they've gone.

The clip opens with a woman lit by blue light looking out at the moon from her window. We soon flip our view to see the outside of the building, revealing a second window next to hers in which sits none other than Phony frontman Elbee Thrie. He sings while the camera pans infinitely upward and reveals several scenes featuring the fellas of the band and a few of their friends (we see you, Patrick Paige II). The further the camera scrolls up, the trippier things get. Our first clue of this is when we see a lovely young lady sunbathing on the side of the building as the blue light of the moon turns in to the glowing yellow of the sun. This is followed by Phony Ppl themselves delivering a gravity-defying performance while a few neighbor kids play a game of catch while the windows are under their feet. Soon, we're flying through the earth's crust into the subway and then into the very reaches of space itself. Let's just say it's a trippy-a** ride.

Speaking of trippy rides, there are plenty to be had on mō'zā-ik, as one would expect with any Phony Ppl album. If you haven't copped it yet, be sure to pick up a copy after you peep the video for "Way Too Far" below.

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