Serayah Is Cali Cool & Worry-Free In ‘Lost & Found’

Damn it must feel good to be Serayah. Not only is the actress/singer a regular on the hit network show Empire, but the star also has a nice little music career going for herself. When we last checked up on her, she was cool for the summer with her single and video "So Good." It doesn't look like much has changed for her, even though fall is in full swing. She flaunts California's usually gorgeous weather in our faces while exhibiting a laid-back attitude in the video for her latest single "Lost & Found."

"Lost & Found" is all about Serayah protecting her peace of mind by any means necessary. As she sings on the track, she's doing fine in all aspects and doesn't have the time to be bothered with Petty Betties worried about her comings and goings. "Say what's on my mind, I'ma let it rip / Sip-sippin' on this wine, take another sip-sip," she sings over chilled-out production on the song's bridge. "I don't even got the time to be bothered with / Too busy on my grind, I might have to snip-snip / A few of you." She captures the easygoing vibes of the track in the song's video. Rather than tell a complicated tale, Serayah opts for simplicity as we see her go about her usual day. She kicks it in a red-lit studio with her girls and a bit of bubbly and walks sunkissed beaches with what seems like nary a care in the world. In fact, the only time she seems to exert anything more than calm is the brief burst of a dance routine we see as she and her girls serve up an eight-count before resuming their day of leisure.

If you need a bit of Serayah's calm and cool demeanor or want to imagine that you, too, are enjoying warm, sunny days on the beach instead of the autumn chill blanketing most of the country, you'll definitely want to check out "Lost & Found" below.