SoulBounce Exclusive: Goldee Clarke Yearns For ‘More’

When people think of music coming outta Bronx, New York, they immediately think of hip-hop. However, that's not all that's coming from the world-famous borough. The Boogie Down is also home to up-and-coming singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Goldee Clarke who hails from the South Bronx. His music is a blend of pop, EDM, R&B and neo-soul, and those diverse genres collide on his debut single "More," which SoulBounce is sharing in an exclusive world premiere.

The premise for "More" is a simple and relatable one. According to Clarke, it's about "connecting with someone in a bar, only to be disappointed at the end of night, wondering if things could have played out differently – if it could have led to something more." We've probably all been there, whether we've met someone in a bar, nightclub, restaurant or elsewhere while out and about, connected with them but then parted ways without exchanging information and not taking things any further than that sweet yet fleeting meeting. Goldee expresses that case of the "what ifs" on "More."

"Who would have thought I would find you in a bar?" he asks on the first verse before fantasizing on the chorus about all the things he really wants to do with his new crush. He sings about his desires over a soundbed of synths, programmed drums and electronic flourishes. Although he counts a trio of greats – Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie – as his influences, his sound here is more reminiscent of The Weeknd or Majid Jordan.

Press play to hear "More" from Goldee Clarke, and get to know him beyond this song by checking out his Twitter, Instagram and website.

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