The Black Eyed Peas Get Graphic With Nas In Bring It ‘BACK 2 HIPHOP’

The Black Eyed Peas went back to their essence on their latest set Masters Of The Sun. So much so, in fact, that it almost makes us forget that the trio went pop for over a decade...almost. That being said, the BEP fellas also make a case for hip-hop to go back to its roots on the appropriately titled album opener "BACK 2 HIPHOP," even roping in Queensbridge's own Nas for the track. Now, it's the latest of a slew of tracks to get the video treatment.

The fellas go graphic for the clip, with many of the video's images looking like moving posters. Helping keep the aesthetic is a limited color palette of black, white, red and gold and the mirroring and repetition of images. While that would obviously be enough in this era of music videos, the Peas take it a step further by adding a story of sorts into the mix. We follow a car speeding down the highway as images of the fellas burst behind it in all their four-hued glory. Eventually, it's shown that a UFO in the shape of a pyramid is following closely behind. Well, it appears that the pyramid is headed home to the realm of real hip-hop (which happens to look a lot like ancient Egypt). Ruling over it all is Nasty Nas, who takes the form of a gold-plated Egyptian pharaoh, not too much unlike the look he went for on the cover of his album I Am. As the beat eventually flips on the Soul II Soul-sampling track, Nas and trade verses before everything dramatically fades to black.

BEP has kept it coming with the eye-popping visuals this go 'round, which is making us think that we'll actually get a video for every track on the album after all. We can hope, right? Check out "BACK 2 HIPHOP" below.

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