It’s ‘Easy’ To See That Ella Mai Has The ‘Sauce’ In Her ‘Vevo LIFT’ Performances

The Vevo LIFT platform gives a boost, so to speak, to many emerging artists. The series combines live performances with music video artistry and creative direction, and their latest feature is on 2018's breakout R&B sensation, Ella Mai.

The first clip is a short video entitled Becoming Ella Mai that allows the songstress to share her story in her own words: “I’m a 24-year-old black woman who’s been through things just like everybody else.” We also hear from other women who share their own experiences, complimenting Ella’s own thoughts and feelings. As our leading lasy and company share their thoughts and feelings, we get some instrumentals of a few tracks from the album, such as “Trip,” “Shot Clock,” “Easy” and, of course, “Boo’d Up.”

The next visual is for a performance of the song “Sauce.” Ella is dripping with it in this clip as she sings the lyrics to the track while walking through a dimly lit house whose decor looks straight outta the '80s. Dressed in all red, Ella dips from room to room and happens upon her band members playing their instruments as she walks about.

For her performance video for “Easy,” the singer goes for something a little less flashy. Instead of floating around the house like “Sauce,” she remains in a single room, decorated with muted colors that match her light pink ensemble. Around the room are microphones for her choir of backup singers seated around the living room to contribute heavenly harmonies on the bridge and the breakdown towards the end.

Get to know Ella Mai a little better as well as these two songs, which may or may not be pegged as her next singles, when you watch her Vevo LIFT videos right here.



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