H.E.R. Gets ‘Carried Away’ For COLORS

For someone who was once mysterious, it seems like H.E.R. is everywhere you look nowadays. Not that we're complaining since we just can't get enough of the budding singer-songwriter. While her recent EPs I Used To Know Her: The Prelude and I Used To Know Her: Part 2 have both made a lasting impression, it's her recent spate of live showings that have truly shown us just how talented she is. Don't believe us? Well, you can check out her recent appearance on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts series. Or, if you need a more recent example, she's the latest artist who stopped by the COLORS studios to offer her talents for the platform.

The signature studio is colored a rich hue of blue for the singer-songwriter's appearance, matching her outfit and the cool vibes she brought along with it. She kept that vibe going with Part 2 opener "Carried Away," a guitar-driven number about her having her guard up when it comes to love. Despite the nature of the song, H.E.R.'s performance is actually pretty vulnerable due to the fact that it's just her and the music this time around. Yes, she's still wearing her signatures shades, but everything from her ever-so-slightly miming playing the guitar to her sway when she's feeling the music at different points make us feel like we're getting to know H.E.R. just a little better.

Allow yourself to get carried away with all that is H.E.R. when you check out her intimate performance for COLORS right here.