Leon Bridges Lets His ‘Lions’ Loose For COLORS

We know we keep saying it, but it bears repeating: R&B is alive and well. In fact, in 2018 it was straight up thriving with releases that honored the genre's past, reflected on its present and pushed it forward to the future. One of the brighter spots of the year was the release of Leon Bridges' sophomore album Good Thing, which featured jams like "Bad Bad News" and "Bet Ain't Worth The Hand." Those weren't the only choice cuts featured though, as Leon proves with his new COLORS performance of album cut "Lions."

The song, about a man turning to his animal instincts when his back is against the wall, calls back to the beginnings of neo-soul soundwise, making it a perfect track to perform for the ongoing video series. Leon showed up to the set dressed smartly in a skully, leather letterman jacket and navy pants that complemented the hue chosen for him. With just him, the mic and the track, he manages to stir up all the emotion he brought to the recorded version of the song (and maybe even a little extra). And when he sings the song's final line — "But when the water's boiled up and the pot starts to burn / You start to understand the man" — with a conviction that expresses the frustration that one can feel when life seems to always kick you, it's a searing reminder of why Leon Bridges is one of the reasons soul will continue to shine.

Get into Leon Bridges and his performance of "Lions" below. Then make sure that his Good Thing is in your collection before 2018 comes to a close.




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