Leven Kali Offers More Of His Trippy Take On Soul With ‘I Get High When I Think About Us’

Leven Kali continues to impress. After bursting onto the scene last year he solidified his presence with a handful of solid singles, including his "Do U Wrong" duet with Syd and his double single release NunWrong With a Lil Good Lovin. Now he's back at it with another collection of songs. This time he makes it a trio on his mini-EP I Get High When I Think About Us, on which the singer-songwriter showcases more of his natural talent.

The collection's three tracks are pretty laid-back, giving the impression of the euphoric state that the EP mentions. Things kick off with "Mine," the song from which the EP's title originates. Synths and a start-and-stop rhythm keep the happy-go-lucky mood as Leven sings about his love with an exuberance that anyone would want to hear from the one they love. "Thursday" continues the lovefest, albeit in a completely different direction. A slow jam with a smooth, throbbing bass line details a Thursday night soiree that could possibly jump off into something even more adult. While we get exactly what he's talking about, Leven makes it sound super sweet thanks to lush harmonies and his own soft tenor. The mini-EP's final track is "Too High," a smoked-out jam that once again deals with love, both in the romantic sense and the love of sticky icky. A vocal sample and acoustic guitar helps to keep things extra chill while hip-hop drums and thick bass mimic the feeling of getting lifted. Meanwhile, rapper/singer Buddy and rapper/actor Na'kel Smith keep the high times going with potent guest verses that keep the vibes going.

Something tells us that 2019 will be bringing even more of Leven's talents. Ponder on that thought while catching a musical high with the singer's latest below.

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