Moonchild Embrace Uncertainty In ‘Get To Know It’

As they wrap up the sold-out Hive Mind Tour alongside fellow West Coast creatives and SoulBounce faves The Internet, Amber Navran, Max Bryk and Andris Mattson, collectively known as Moonchild, release their breezy new single “Get To Know It.” Written and produced by the talented trio, the tranquil track encourages us all to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and embrace that which is unfamiliar. Amber’s airy vocals glide along the laid-back groove, as she sings “Hands in the air, I'm jumping in / Jumping into the deep end / It's a brave ride / Got to sink into the feeling / Before you can fly.”

They describe this latest offering as “a song about uncertainty.” They explain, “The future will always be uncertain, the faster we learn to love the feeling the easier we can rise. Thinking of uncertainty as a friend instead of running from it or waiting for it to go away to step forward. Jumping into the feeling. Getting to know it." As a new year fast approaches, this is the sort of mindset we can all benefit from.

Get to know Moonchild’s latest feel-good single below, and check out a short video introducing the track on Instagram, as it is sure to put a smile on your face. Add this delightful jam to your cool out collection from your favorite digital platform, and keep an eye out for new music and performances from Moonchild in 2019.

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