Taliwhoah Is Going Through A ‘Love Cycle’

While she was gearing up to celebrate her birthday, fans of singer/songwriter Taliwhoah were the ones who received a gift. Following the release of her infectious single "Soul Food," which featured R&B cutie Arin Ray, the London-born, LA-based songbird dropped a tender but tenacious ballad entitled “Love Cycle.” The track is a simmering, sultry groove about the many obstacles that any love affair worth holding onto must overcome. Her tone is passionate and resolute as she sings, “Let’s go to a place they can’t find us / Break all the rules that have broke our trust / And redefine it / No need to start again / The lesson now begins / Pay attention.”

As she continues to make herself at home at Rostrum Records, and at a time in her private life when she’s accepted her truth and is feeling quite unapologetic about it, this latest release offers a similar sentiment. She describes the song as an “ode to late night R&B.” She says, “'Love Cycle' is a story so many have experienced! The triumph of a 'forbidden' love going against all odds to make it happen! I wanted to tell a story that I could relate to myself and so many of my close friends have experienced also.” It seems she has quite a few stories to tell, and we’re excited to see all that she has in her soulful, R&B bag.

Take Taliwhoah’s “ Love Cycle” for a spin below, and be sure to add it to your baelist playlist from your favorite digital platform. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep an eye out for her new album, which is slated to be released in early 2019.

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