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David & Tamela Mann's Christian R&B Record Gets Twitter Talkin'

David and Tamela Mann's new album Us Against The World finds the couple making R&B intended for Christian couples to make love to. While they are by no means the first to do this, their mission to help Christian couples get it on had Twitter getting creative and downright funny. While some had questions about who would turn to the Manns when it was time to take it to the bedroom, the best responses came with imagined song titles for the Christian lover in you. "Pastor roll up the partition please," one Twitter user wrote. Another imagined different lyrics: "Girl I’m gon’ love you, like Christ loves the church, *pause* Now you gon’ get this work." The hits kept coming with song title suggestions like "Spare The Rod No More" and *ahem* "Baptize That Bush." Whew chile, Black Twitter is a trip. #YallWild

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