This Week In SoulBounce: Beyoncé Drops Two New Albums…Kinda (But Not Really), B2K Reunites For Massive Tour, Juelz Santana Gets Jail Time

Two 'New' Beyoncé Albums Leak...And Are Promptly Yanked

Beyoncé fans probably thought that Christmas came a little early when two albums of new material from Queen Bey appeared out of nowhere on streaming services. Attributed to "Queen Carter," the projects — Back Up Rewind and Have Your Way — were actually filled with Bey songs, they all just happened to be old demos and a couple unreleased tracks, including "Lost Yo Mind" and "Crazy Feelings." But before fans could even get good and excited, Bey's team came through and yanked them real quick, cementing the fact these releases were the work of hackers and not officially sanctioned by the King. A similar thing happened to SZA as well, with an album's worth of her demos popping up on streaming under the name Sister Solana. The "Supermodel" singer clarified exactly what had happened via Instagram, writing the tracks were "random scratches from 2015." They, too, were promptly pulled. #TheyLeakin

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