Vic Mensa & Ty Dolla $ign Are Looking To Get ‘In Some Trouble’

Though he's had his share of questionable moments, Vic Mensa remains one of the brighter spots of contemporary rap. That might be because he's not afraid to do different things, like come out of the gate singing on a straight-up dance track or voice his political opinions through passionate op-eds. That's not to say that Vic doesn't like just kicking back and hanging with the ladies either, as he shows on his Hooligans single "In Some Trouble" and in the track's new video.

The song, which also finds Ty Dolla $ign clocking in his fifty-leventh feature this year, is all about Vic pushing up on a chick who he deems to be one of the baddest he's ever seen. Like one does when you find a dime in the rough, Vic quickly scoops her up and introduces her to the high life. The video further enforces the theme, with Vic and Ty partying lavishly in Cali with their girls by their sides. But as the video progresses, we begin to realize that there's just something about Vic's girl that's a little off — and we're not talking about the Off-White shoes on her feet. While Vic gets all soft and sentimental on the song's bridge, her true motivations are revealed and we learn just how scandalous she (and the friend who set them up) really is. Damn, homie!

As we mentioned before, the sing-songy track is on Vic's latest set Hooligans, which is available now. Check out the clip and make sure you hit up your favorite streaming service to listen to the rapper/singer's latest effort.

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