Aminé Takes Us To Rap School In ‘BLACKJACK’

Aminé is out here wilding in the music video for “BLACKJACK,” a track hailing from his sophomore "EpLPMixtapeAlbum” OnePointFive. The self-described “nappy-headed black little cool kid” gives us a fun and carefree visual that fits his creative persona. Co-directed by Aminé and Jack Begert, the clip is a take on the 2003 film School of Rock.

Aminé and the rest of his CLBN crew are on their worst behavior, getting chased by their teacher (played by viral video star Rickey Thompson) through hallways and classrooms, playing pranks on their classmates, cutting class and generally being degenerates. All these antics catch up with him when his father (played by Aminé himself) questions him when he picks him up from school and promises to deliver an ass whooping when they get home.

Short, fast-paced and hella entertaining, “BLACKJACK’ is worth a few views to catch all of the shenanigans afoot. Hit play below and see Aminé and friends give us some unadulterated black boy joy below.

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