Monica Is Looking For ‘Commitment’

R&B vet Monica is stepping into her own like never before this year. The more than 20-year industry veteran, who recently launched her BeHUMAN nonprofit, is an indie artist for the first time in her career. While surely a daunting task, Monica rarely does anything without a certain amount of confidence and who wouldn't be confident with pipes like hers? She's showing and proving with her first independent single "Commitment."

Monica taps into the feelings of her loyal fanbase for this track, which focuses on a woman's need for a stable and monogamous relationship. She takes her time to list the wants and needs she has for her next relationship on the track. "I just need someone to love me when it's hard to / I can trust with all my issues / Someone's who patient and consistent / I need good sex and commitment," she sings on the track's very forward chorus. Helping her put her requests out into the universe is laid-back production, with light flourishes of guitar mixed with trappy programmed drums that nod to her Atlanta roots. While the song doesn't reinvent her signature sound, it shows that Monica doesn't need major label backing to deliver the quality and consistency that she always brings to the table.

"Commitment" is the first we're hearing from her upcoming album Chapter 38. There's no word on exactly when the set will be released but you can check out her latest single right here and right now.

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