Nas Shows The Strength & Tragedy Of The Black Family In ‘Everything’

For some reason, Nas has been dropping video after video from his most recent album Nasir in pretty rapid succession. Perhaps maybe he thought it would actually be in his best interest to promote the album rather than let it sit on digital shelves collecting dust. Whatever his reasons, we're not mad at seeing his visual interpretations of some of the set's most thought-provoking tracks, including the new clip for his track "Everything."

"Everything," which features the producer Kanye West and The-Dream's Auto-Tuned voices on the hook, finds Nas getting personal about his own life while also speaking to his dreams and goals for the next generation of black youth. It's only fitting that the majority of the video focuses on a black family. We're introduced to a young man helping to raise his little brother along with his grandmother. The grandmother does her part to give the young man wisdom about raising the next generation while also making sure to educate him about his past. While those moments in the video are sweet, there is a sense of tragedy looming among the clip's inner city backdrop. It finally rears its head when the young man and his group of friends find themselves in an argument with a bodega owner that ends with cops being called and bullets eventually flying.

Nasir might not be Nas' most critically acclaimed effort, but thus far the videos released from the set have been pretty engaging. "Everything" is no exception.

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