Phony Ppl Show Us The ‘Way’ On ‘COLORS’

Brooklyn-based outfit Phony Ppl made their way over to Berlin to perform their latest single on the COLORS series. The crew performed the upbeat and jazzy "Either Way," taken from their latest album mō’zā-ikEquipped with a stunning teal background, the five-piece group took up set space to fit their instruments and equally colorful personalities. Rapper and singer Elbee Thrie launches into a story that sounds more optimistic than its outcome because of his uplifting voice, or maybe it was the kazoo that made an appearance to intro the track.

The song details an affair with an older, married woman, and he spends the four minutes assuring her that he's not going anywhere. The band is visibly focused on the melody as they play assist in the sordid tale. The unique drum beat and beautiful instrumentation adds layers to the live song while Elbee keeps the track light and airy with his unique performance style and warm vocals. You'll be rooting for the relationship to work by the end of the gig, knowing good and well it's problematic.

The band released their sophomore album mō’zā-ik at the end of 2018 and it's still making its rotation. They also scored themselves a residency at Blue Note Jazz Club, with dates going into March. If you can catch them live, its recommended but if you can't make it, go ahead and watch Phony Ppl's colorful performance of "Either Way" right here and let us know if it warmed your spirit the way it did ours.

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