The SoulBounce Q&A: Estelle Talks ‘Lovers Rock,’ Reggae Music & Her Inspirations

SoulBounce: Talk about the album, Lovers Rock. Would you consider it a reggae album? It’s definitely dripping with reggae vibes. Why did you decide to go this direction with your music?

Estelle: I’ve always done reggae on every album I’ve released, doing a lovers rock album was a specific choice based on personal musical progression and the tone of the subject and story.

SB: What do you want people to know about the Lovers Rock album? What’s so special about it?

E: It’s my fifth album and continues my evolution and story. In telling the story of my parents and family I’ve come to so many personal truths and reformations and reinventions about myself and the paths I’d like to take in the future. I’m grateful for this and hope others take away as much freedom as I have from it.

SB: How did you come up with the content for the album, the theme of love?

E: Each song is laced with lyrics that tell the story of my parent’s experiences within their relationship.

SB: As you travel the world what are your thoughts on the state of the world and humanity, and what role does love play?

E: It’s a hard time right now, but we’re a tough species. There is a lot of love out there. More than is being shared on socials right now – we are admirably busy standing up to hate – but it remains that there is a lot of love and it will help us through this period. It won’t be like this always.

SB: What was your inspiration for your new album?

E: Love was the inspiration for this album. Working on the album helped me work through challenges in my love life, and I hope it can do the same for those who listen.

SB: What do you want your fans and listeners to come away with after listening to it?

E: I want them to see that love is possible to attain. Everyone has their own journey with love and this album does a good job at showing all sides to it.

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