There’s A Lot Going On In Benny Sings’ ‘Not Enough’

Benny Sings is known for his soulful grooves, smooth vocals and unique take on R&B. What he's not known for, however, are run-of-the-mill videos. From his lo-fi clip for his cover of "Passionfruit" to out there visuals for songs like "One Of These Hearts" and "Little Donna." So when it comes to the video for his City Pop single "Not Enough" we expect something out-of-the-norm from an artist who puts the "quirk" in "quirky." Leave it to Benny to succeed even those expectations.

If you come to "Not Enough" looking for any kind of narrative story, you'll be sorely disappointed. Instead of actors performing the drama of relationships, he offers an endless display of weird. People find strange things to do with common household appliances, a bodybuilder literally prances around in a speedo, people do really bad impressions of someone playing a musical instrument and a woman electrocutes a family by shooting electricity from her fingertips. And that's not even half of all the weird that occurs. Anchoring it all are occasional clips of Benny himself, who can be seen looking thoughtfully at the camera or playing instruments in a room far less sunny than where most of the video is filmed. It's all comes across as one big, '80s-inspired fever dream — and we mean that in the best way possible.

If you've been craving a dash of weird with your blue-eyed soul, we highly recommend that you stop whatever it is that you're doing and watch Benny Sings' latest below.